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Get divorced over a few days in a luxury hotel. Divorce Hotel is the most unique divorce solution in the world!


Traditional Divorce Mediation in an office environment, one-on-one with our esteemed divorce mediation professional.


DivorceHotel Get divorced over a few days in a luxury hotel.

  Divorce Hotel is an innovative concept that gives couples the opportunity to work out their divorce agreement over the course of two to three days away from the distractions of home and work and in a beautiful environment. Divorce Hotel offers a mediated divorce which allows parties to resolve their marital dispute outside of the traditional courtroom setting. In mediation, both parties work together to identify problems and solutions. Mediation promotes cooperation and therefore reduces the emotional costs of resolving a divorce. Couples check-in married and check-out with a legally binding separation/settlement agreement that can then be filed in the court in their home state to complete the process. DivorceHotel was founded in the Netherlands in 2011 as a better way for couples to get divorced. Since then six divorce hotels have opened in Europe and over 100 couples have successfully completed their divorce. Now couples in the United States have the opportunity to get divorced in a better way in a beautiful and serene setting in the first DivorceHotel in the US in historic Saratoga Springs NY.

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Prior to arrival at DivorceHotel: Once a couple expresses interest in DivorceHotel they will receive a call from one of our DivorceMediators to assess the viability of completing their divorce at DivorceHotel (see FAQ’s: Am I candidate for DivorceHotel?). If it is a fit, the couple will receive worksheets to fill out to the best of their ability. (see sample worksheets) which include information on assets, liabilities, income, expenses and family data. Once that information is submitted back to the mediator a longer conference call will be set up with the couple and the mediator to understand the issues involved with their divorce and to assess if other professionals need to be contacted (for example – does a house need to be appraised or does a business need to be valued, is an attorney consult required). At that point the weekend at DivorceHotel can be scheduled. Thereafter, the mediator will be preparing for the couples arrival at DivorceHotel. Stay at DivorceHotel: During the stay at DivorceHotel the couple will have scheduled sessions with the mediator and (if desired) legal counsel to work out the details of their divorce including Property Division, Support and Parenting. In between sessions the couple will have time to relax and think and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Hotel, perhaps play a round of golf or have a massage or enjoy dinner in town. On the final day, once the agreements have been made and finalized, the couple will sign the separation/settlement agreement which was prepared during their stay. The agreement will be notarized and is a legally binding separation/settlement agreement. After the stay at Divorce Hotel The couple will leave with all of the paperwork and instructions to file their divorce in their home state and any other follow up work that is needed (deed transfers, QDRO’s). The mediator will be on hand after the couple leaves DivorceHotel until the process is completed. Location The first (and currently only) Divorce Hotel in the United States takes place at the famous Gideon Putnam Hotel in historic Saratoga Springs, NY. Saratoga Springs is in upstate NY equidistant to Boston, New York City and Montreal and is easily accessible by air, rail or car.

DivorceHotel FAQ

What is the cost? The base fee for DivorceHotel is $7,500 to $12,000 which includes all up-front work, two rooms at the hotel, breakfast and lunch, all mediator’s fees and document preparation fees. Various activities may be covered in the fee. There will be additional fees including state filing fees and legal fees associated with filing the divorce which are not covered in this fee. Will DivorceHotel work for us? If you are a good candidate for Divorce Mediation then DivorceHotel will likely work for you. Good candidates for divorce mediation are parties who feel they are able to negotiate for themselves during the mediation process, who feel free to openly express their needs and concerns, and who respect and listen to the other party’s opinions and interests. Those couples who can sit in the same room and discuss their financial matters openly and honestly and all matters concerning their minor children, and trust that all financial data is forthcoming and that everything is put on the table. Parties who have victimized or have been the victim of domestic violence or situations where spouses do not trust that all information will be forthcoming would not be good candidates for mediation or DivorceHotel. Do we stay in separate rooms? Spouses do stay in separate rooms and we think this is important to the process as there will be times where you will need time alone to reflect on the agreements made and to review the separation/settlement agreement. Is this a vacation? DivorceHotel is not a vacation. DivorceHotel is hard work – we will be rolling up our sleeves and working during your stay. However, there will be time to relax and enjoy activities, spa treatments and the beautiful environs of the hotel and town. The mediator or planner will work with you prior to your arrival to help plan activities for you. Is there a DivorceHotel in my area? Currently, there is one DivorceHotel in the United States in historic Saratoga Springs NY. We do anticipate opening more DivorceHotel’s over time in various regions of the country. What if it doesn’t work? While we can’t guarantee 100% that this process will work for you, we do enough upfront work prior to booking your stay to be reasonably sure that this process can work for your divorce. DivorceHotel has worked in all cases but one so far. Can my attorney be involved? The question is, do you want an attorney? Some parties elect to retain an attorney to consult with, during the mediation process; usually between mediation sessions. The parties may use the attorney to ask questions, bounce ideas off of, and clarify the legal issues. At the end of the mediation process, and prior to signing a settlement and separation agreement, you may have an attorney review the document and provide feedback. Ultimately, the choice is yours: some people retain an attorney, some do not. Can we complete the process during the week? Yes. The DivorceHotel process can take place during the week or over a long weekend. How do I get started? To get started or for more information call Michele Martin, Mediator and US Country Manager for DivorceHotel at 518-813-6098 or send an email to DivorceHotelUS@gmail.com and include a contact phone number and the best time to reach you. Get Started

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The couple and the mediator meet in a series of mediation sessions, usually 2 hours long. 1st meeting: The couple and the mediator identify the issues needed to be discussed and the order in which they will be discussed, then decide what information needs to be gathered and shared. Between the first and later sessions the couple gathers all relevant financial data, or if necessary, the opinions of experts such as appraisers or accountants, with this material treated with the same care and concern as would be the case in the adversarial process. Further Meetings: Discussions revolve around how to compromise on the various issues in order to meet the needs of both parties. The mediator assists by providing information about the court system, how to get a divorce, and common ways divorce issues are resolved. The Agreement: When an agreement has been reached on all issues, the mediator drafts the agreement for review by each of the parties and their attorneys, if any. Topics for Divorce Mediation: From parenting, to division of property, to child and spousal support, you’ll find it all outlined in our divorce mediation topics document.

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