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What “Alimony” Looks Like in New York State

“Lifestyle to Which One Has Been Accustomed” is a Myth

I put the word alimony in quotations in the title of this article as it seems to be most commonly used and understood.  In New York State, the terms Spousal Support and/or Spousal Maintenance are the ‘official‘ terms.

In 2015 the New York State Legislature instituted a formula to determine a guideline amount and duration of post- divorce maintenance. In this article, I’m going to lay out a couple of scenarios and show what the spousal support amounts would be in hopes of putting to rest myths about “alimony”.  Spousal support exists to give a spouse time to become self-supporting post-divorce, it is not meant to punish an unfaithful spouse and it does not keep the recipient in the “lifestyle to which they have been accustomed.”

Following are a few scenarios and the resulting calculations.  It is important to note that under the new legislation, spousal support is currently calculated only on income up to $184,000 per year and the calculation is linked to child support.  Also, the duration schedule set forth under the new guidelines does not allow for “permanent” maintenance (though it could be ordered by a judge under special circumstances).

SCENARIO 1: Married 15 years. A “moneyed” spouse (as they are referred to in the divorce world) makes $175,000.  The Stay At Home Parent (SAHP) stepped away from a career to raise two children who are now ages 12 and 9. Spousal Support:   $2,743 per month ($32,915 per year) for between 4 ½ years and six years.

SCENARIO 2Married six years.  The moneyed spouse makes $85,000 per year and a SAHP with two young children ages 2 and 4.  Spousal Support:  $1,308 per month ($15,700/year) for between 11 mos. and 1 year 10 months.

SCENARIO 3: Married 27 years. The moneyed spouse makes $300,000 per year and the spouse works in a job they love but makes little money ($30,000 per year). Spousal Support:  $4,061 per month ($48,735 per year) for between 9 ½ years and 13 ½ years.

SCENARIO 4: Married 10 years. Both are working. One spouse makes $175,000 per year, the other makes $120,000 per year and there are no children.  Spousal Support: $0

It would be hard to argue that the calculated spousal support alone would keep any of the recipients in the “lifestyle to which they have been accustomed”.  However in a mediated divorce parties can opt out of the statutory formula and settle on an amount that seems fair. Many times the calculated numbers don’t make sense for the circumstances of the family and sitting down together at a table with a divorce mediator with a strong financial background, couples can come up with creative ways to receive what they are entitled to or what they need without bankrupting the other.

I urge couples who are considering divorce and have been putting it off to take action soon.  There are tax benefits around spousal support that are going away beginning in 2019 but will remain in effect for all spousal support payments pursuant to agreements executed prior to December 31, 2018.  Note that you do not have to be divorced prior to this date but your agreement would have to be negotiated, drawn up and signed by the end of 2018. If you mediate, you still have time to get this done.  I offer a free consultation and I can be reached at 518-813-6098.

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