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Who Wins? The End-Results of Mediation

A mediated agreement is generally thought of as a “win-win” solution. The only agreement reached is one that both sides voluntarily accept – in short everybody wins, or there is no mediated resolution.

"But my spouse and I can’t communicate and every attempt ends up in a fight"

Often the idea of mediation is dismissed as an option due to the arguing, hurt feelings, distrust, and other negative feelings that surround the conflict. The thought is a natural one. How can mediation work when the smallest thing triggers an argument?

Despite the seeming impossibility, mediation is a very viable option in the vast majority of cases including high conflict situations. The presence of a skilled neutral party can have a powerful positive affect. The mediator provides a buffer as well as keeping both parties focused on reaching agreement – facilitating communication and focusing on the interests not the messy emotions that surround the issue.

As a general rule, if those in dispute are willing to try, mediation should be a first option. Mediators can get those in dispute talking and working towards a resolution.